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Meatball soup in egg-lemon sauce

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1 kg kg Beef minced meat Beef minced meat
60 g g Rice Rice
(glazed )
80 g g Olive oil Olive oil
500 g g Potatoes Potato
(peeled and cut in medium-sized cubes)
50 g g Lemon juice Lemon juice
500 g g Vegetable broth Vegetable broth
1,5 L L Water Water
1 TBS TBS Dill Dill
1 TBS TBS Parsley Parsley
3 Eggs Egg
(yolks and whites apart)
1 TBS TBS Salt Salt
1 TS TS Pepper Pepper
100 g g Corn flour Corn flour

Meatball soup in egg-lemon sauce

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40 min


  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the minced beef, egg whites, pepper, salt, parsley, dill, rice and olive oil.
  2. Knead well and shape small meatballs of about 50 g each.
  3. Bring the water and vegetable stock to a simmer and add in the potatoes while sprinkling with a pinch of salt.
  4. Boil for 10 minutes.
  5. Then add the meatballs and keep boiling for another 22-25 minutes.
  6. In a bowl, mix the yolks, corn flour and lemon juice and whisk well.
  7. Take 2 generous ladles of stock from the pot of the meatballs and add it little by little to the egg-lemon mix while whisking until smooth.
  8. Pour the mixture in the pot.
  9. Bring to a simmer, take off the heat and serve.